Wild Edibles – Using Dandelion Greens

Wild Edibles – Dandelion Greens

Spring has finally sprung! That means my experiment to use find and use wild edibles in my meals can begin. Today we begin with dandelion greens. Dandelion greens are traditionally made into soups or tart fillings. That is too complicated for me. I decided to start by using them in a plain old salad.

photo (9)

You can identify the dandelion green by the deeply toothed, hairless, lance-shaped leaves

Dandelion greens are best eaten when still young, before the yellow flower has sprouted. After the flower has sprouted, the greens will be very bitter. In many areas, it is too late to eat the dandelion greens (but don’t worry, I will have a tutorial on what to do with the yellow flowers later); however, here on the plateau we are still a little behind when it comes to spring. Yesterday, we went out and picked the greens in our yard (try to avoid harvesting along busy roads or anywhere pesticides may have been sprayed). The greens were then gathered to add with our salad. So nutritious! Dandelion greens are higher in beta carotene than carrots and the iron, vitamin K, and calcium content is greater than that in spinach and broccoli.

The makings of our dandelion green salad

The makings of our dandelion green salad

Finally – I sat outside in my Adirondack chair to enjoy the spring weather and the spring greens! photo (11)


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