The Novice Backpacker – Choosing Our Trip

Hello novice backpackers! I can’t wait to lead our backpacking trip. The first thing we need to do is pick our destination. I came up with three different places to get everyone’s thoughts on where you would like to go.

1. Stratton, Vermont

  • There is a lean-to we can hike to called the Stratton Pond Shelter. It would be an approximately 3 mile hike in. That may not sound like a lot, but with a 30 pound pack it can be strenuous. This shelter is next to water and we can hike Stratton Mountain the next day as a day trip (leaving the heavy packs at the shelter).
  • Pros: Shelters in Vermont are AWESOME. Trail should be very nice. Part of the Long Trails.
  • Cons: I don’t know this area at all. However, being part of the Long Trail it should be really well marked and I’ll have a map.

2. Greylock Mountain, Massachusetts

  • I’m not sure if any of you have hiked Greylock, but if not maybe it will be fun to hike the highest peak of your home state. We can hike a 2.4 mile trail with a 1,200 elevation gain to a primitive camp site. We may be able to reserve a lean-to. If not, we will need to camp. The next day we can hike up Greylock.
  • Pros – Close, beautiful views, able to reserve a site so we know what we’re getting.
  • Cons – lots of people. Will probably not be very quiet.

3. Woodhull Lake, Speculator, New York

  • I was in this area Memorial Day Weekend and it was beautiful. So quiet and peaceful. This hike consists of a 4.3 mile trail to the Woodhull Lake lean-to. It should be a fairly flat trail. I like lean-tos by water because its so peaceful, and if we’re super hot we can go swimming. If we are looking for more day hiking the next day, Remsen Falls is a 2.9 mile hike from the lean-to and the Woodhull Mountain Fire Tower is a 5.1 mile hike from the lean-to.
  • Pros: Quiet and beautiful.
  • Cons: The furthest away at a 2 hour and 15 minute drive.

Now the hard part. Which trail would you like to backpack?


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