Benefits of Clean Eating

The topic of clean eating is very trendy right now and its benefits are highly touted. But what exactly is clean eating? Well the truth is, there is no hard set definition.  The primary principle of eating clean is not new nor rocket science.  In general, clean eating consists of replacing processed foods with fresh and natural foods and eating food in its most natural state as possible. This is a lifestyle approach, not a diet, leading to an improved life.

Remember, it’s true that what we eat has an impact on how we feel, in both our day to day life and overall health. Who doesn’t want to feel better and increase their health benefits? It just takes eating the correct foods  – like lean protein, good-for-you carbs and fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables – spaced evenly throughout the day in the correct amounts. Drink at least two liters of water, and exercise regularly. Stick with this and you will soon see the benefits, like those listed below.


Health Benefits of Eating “Clean”

  • Feel More Energetic: A healthy diet that properly nourishes your body helps you feel energetic and productive. Eating clean also helps regulate your blood sugar, helping you avoid fatigue-inducing blood sugar spikes,
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health: A healthly diet helps lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. A diet rich in fruits and veggies lowers coronary heart disease risk and also protects against stroke and high blood pressure. Additionally, a clean diet rich in healthly fats — the type found in nuts, avocados and olive oil — lowers harmful cholesterol levels, which also fight cardiovascular disease.
  • Help Prevent Cancer: A diet rich in fruits and vegetables boosts your’ intake of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which fight cancer growth.
  • Effective Weight Loss Solution: The thing about healthy foods is they have a lot more volume and a lot less calories than sugar-salt-and-fat dense junk foods. Therefore, you’ll fill up more quickly, with less calories. This will often lead to weight loss. Eating clean will also reduce cravings since your body is most likely getting the nutrients it needs.
  • Make you look Younger and Fresher: Healthy foods promote good cell growth and can eliminate harmful free radicals and toxins in your body, which will help your skin regain its natural glow and suppleness.
  • Clearer Thinking: If you experience foggy, unclear thinking, this should subside. You will be sharper and more focused.

Interested in clean eating? What to learn how? Join my FREE five day clean eating challenge by filling out the contact form below. The next challenge group will start August 25, 2014. I will give you a grocery list and menu for five days of clean eating. You will be part of my group in which we will motivate and encourage each other to stick with it. At the end of five days, you will feel better than ever and will want to make this a lifestyle change.


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