My Journey with P90X3

Prior to December 1, 2014, I was feeling pretty damn good about myself. I was working out every day and eating mindfully. Sweets were really just a treat once in a while (once in a while for me can turn into once per hour) and I was eating clean.

Come December and life. Man, can it be hard! We lost our dog who was 12 years old. That night I decided I was going to eat and drink every thing I wanted. Following that the holidays started. Luncheons, holiday parties, etc. I kept telling myself that I could let loose one night. Well “one night” was one to two nights a week! The pounds came on quickly.

Luckily, I still felt ok as I managed to find time to work out the entire time. However, the gym can’t undo all the extra eating I was doing! So, after all this fun, I have decided I need work hard to get back to my old self. Enter P90X3.

My husband and I decided to do P90X3 together. He has gone through all the same “growing” during the holidays that I have. Neither one of us are particularly looking forward to this journey. We have both historically completed P90X and it kicked our asses. We are nervous for what Tony Horton has to bring.

To keep myself accountable, I will be documenting my journey here. At the same time, I will be running an accountability group for other people who want to join me with P90X3 or a different fitness program. I hope everyone enjoys watching my journey and it will inspire you to start your own!

IMG_0019 (1)IMG_0021 (1)


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