P90X – Day 3

Yoga X

This is only day 3, but I needed the Yoga X workout very, very badly. My legs are already so tight from all the lunges stupid Tony Horton has you do. I used to take yoga classes a couple times a week and got quite flexible. Didn’t take too long for that to go away! Exhibit A (below), yeah – my leg is totally supposed to be straight in that photo.

IMG_0058 Yoga X was just what I needed this morning and I felt better afterwards. My muscles felt stretched out and loose.  P90X yoga is an hour and a half, so the half of hour of this yoga workout was much appreciated. Due to the short time frame, Tony has to skip a lot of the meditative and rehabilitative poses that you would normally get in a longer yoga class. I’m ok with that for an at home yoga class. I have a hard time paying attention and staying focused if I’m not in a class with a live instructor. So I’ll keep the longer classes for the weekends. This DVD was great for a short yoga work out that loosens you up. Plus, the modifier was shown often and explained. I liked that!


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