Are you the right coach for me?

People often ask me why they need a health and fitness coach. I know they also want to ask why they should choose me over other coaches, what makes me so different (but they are just too polite). My answer to this is not everyone does need a coach. In fact some people would do worse WITH a coach. I am also not the coach for everybody. You need to find a coach you relate with, but who will also push you past you comfort zone.

When choosing a Beachbody Coach, be sure to look for the following:

Now that girl is a product of the product!

Now that girl is a product of the product!

1. Look for a coach who is interested in YOU. Make sure the coach asks questions regarding your lifestyle, your goals, what types of programs you enjoy, etc. Your coach can’t begin to help you until she gets to know more about you. If your coach is telling you more about what she does than asking you questions, it will be difficult for her to help you reach goals she doesn’t know.

2. Make sure you feel comfortable with your coach. You have just decided to take a new step in your health journey. You will have a lot of questions along the way. You want to feel comfortable asking your coach questions, because you will have them.  If you don’t feel comfortable opening up to your coach, they will not be able to help you overcome any obstacles in the way and ultimately reach your goals.

3. Make sure your coach runs accountability groups. I personally believe accountability groups are the key to a successful weight loss and health journey. It is what has helped me finish both the 21 Day Fix and P90X3. I have never finished a full fitness and nutrition program prior to the support of my peers and a group with daily check-ins! Even if you disappear for a month or so, the people in these groups are so supportive that they will welcome you back and cheer you on when you’re ready to start again. I personally believe that if your coach does not run an accountability group to help you in your journey, then you should find someone who does.

4. Your coach should be a product of the product. This is going to be a short one. If your coach does not use the products she is selling, then why should you? You want to find someone who is as passionate about Shakeology and Beachbody fitness programs as you are.

Did I leave anything out? Are you using a Beachbody product? What did you look for when choosing your coach?


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