Challenge Group FAQs

One of the great things about the challenge groups that I run is that I can answer people’s questions when they have them. Everyone in the group learns, and each answered question is one less excuse to drop out of this new lifestyle. I have compiled a list of 10 questions and I have been asked and their answers.

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Is it more effective to workout in the morning than at night?

It depends what you’re looking to get out of your workout. In a strictly scientific sense, a workout burns the same amount of calories whether it’s done in the morning or in the afternoon. There is nothing about the time of day that will change that.  Plus, working out is better than staying in bed or on the couch. So if you’re not a morning person, workout in the evening! If you get too busy after work, workout in the morning!

Studies have shown that both strength and endurance are higher in the afternoon. This means, the likelihood of injuries is decreased (however, a good warm-up in the morning levels the playing field).  Working out at 4 or 5 pm means you are exercising when your body temperature is lowest, which results in improved performance and increased power. Muscles are more flexible, your reaction time is quicker, and this often results in more intensity in your workout. Thus, more calories burned.

Morning workouts are not without their pros! As much as I hate getting out of bed and moving my muscles in the morning, when it’s done my energy is increased for the rest of the day. Studies have also shown that workouts morning workouts result in a better night’s sleep. For me, and many others out there, morning workouts are great because it gets the workout out of the way. That way at the end of the day if something comes up, it doesn’t detract from my health goals.

Can I drink sparkling or seltzer water in place of plain water?

Yes! If you are used to soda and just can’t get used to drinking plain water without the fizziness, drink sparkling or seltzer water instead. Both have carbon dioxide added (sparkling naturally and seltzer artificially) to bring on the bubbles. Add a touch of fruit for flavor and you have a delicious and nutritious drink.

How much water should I drink?

The rule of thumb says to divide your body weight in pounds by two. This is the amount of water you should drink in ounces.

How much weight can I expect to lose on the 21 Day Fix?

If you stick to the program, you can expect to lose up to 10 pounds. My challengers who have followed the program (and even went off one or two days) lost between 7 and 10 pounds. I lost 8 my first round.

How do I stop eating Girl Scout cookies?

We all love Girl Scout cookies. The only way for me to completely STOP eating them is not to buy them in the first place. However, this is blasphemy according to my husband, so they will be in the house. I have come up with a good alternative that curbs my cravings 9 out of 10 times. I use my Shakeology and recipes I have found online here to make my healthiest meal of the day into a good alternative for a Girl Scout cookie.

I love me some Girl Scout cookies. Even more when it's my healthiest meal of the day!

I love me some Girl Scout cookies. Even more when it’s my healthiest meal of the day!

Why isn’t my scale moving?

There could be many reasons your scale isn’t moving. Assuming you are following the program as you should, look at a few other reasons. If you lost a large amount of weight the week before (on the order of five pounds or more), then your body may go into survival mode and try to keep the fat stores it has. Don’t worry, stay consistent and you will start to see the scale move again.

Are you weighing yourself multiple times a day? At MOST, weigh yourself once a day at the same time each day. Your weight fluctuates a lot during the day, so to rule out the fluctuations, make sure you weigh yourself at the same time each time.

What does popcorn count as in the 21 Day Fix?

Popcorn counts as one yellow container. However, you can eat three cups of popcorn as one serving! Watch Autumn and her popcorn seasoning recipe here:

What does PB2 count as in the 21 Day Fix?

PB2 counts as a teaspoon of oil on the 21 Day Fix. It is a good alternative if you are on an oil-free diet. However, Autumn does not recommend using real peanut butter. It’s creamier, tastes better, and a healthy fat. Also, a lot of nutrients are stripped out to make PB2.

She addresses it here: 

What type of sneakers should I wear with the Beachbody workouts?

It depends what workout you are doing. In general you want to use sneakers with a low tread. Especially if you are doing Insanity, any of the dance type workouts, or anything with agility. High tread running or cross trainers can will stick and squeak and are not the best option. However,  if that’s all you have and you don’t want to buy new sneakers, they work! That was me. I use my running shoes for my Beachbody workouts. I’m just extra careful.

What is your favorite afternoon snack? At the end of a long day, I end up pulling the first thing in front of me out of the cabinet!

I like to have snacks prepared and ready to go for when I need a snack quickly. Of course I love Shakeology. I often drink it in the afternoons around 3 PM. At this point my energy levels are down and I’m hungry and craving sweets. Since Shakeology provides the nutrition my body needs, my energy levels increase and my cravings for carbs usually disappear.

Other options of snacks are

  • popcorn with almonds, cranberries, and chocolate chips
  • celery with peanut butter and dried cranberries
  • fruit salad
  • ½ cup cottage cheese with some pepper
  • Carrots and hummus
  • Yogurt topped with muesli
  • Banana with peanut butter
  • Apple with a handful of almonds
  • Lean roast beef with dijon mustard
  • 1 corn tortilla with peanut butter and banana

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