Don’t let that Wedding Derail You! – 7 tips to stay healthy

_MG_6617I just realized I have a wedding to go to tomorrow! Well, I’ve known for quite awhile, but with that long winter, May just snuck up on me. It’s May 6 already??! I have worked really hard these past 8 months to be consistent with my new clean, healthy eating choices. It’s been up and down. Holidays and vacation are usually a down. Routine life is usually an up! Now wedding season is upon us. I love a good wedding. I love good food, dancing, and drinks. The trifecta! I’m not one of those people to totally abstain from everything fun, but I do try to make better choices than I used to so it’s not a complete derail. So here are my seven tips for staying (somewhat) healthy during that wedding.

1) Exercise in the morning

Once you get in our day, time will fly by. Before you know it, you will be getting ready for the wedding and won’t have time to fit a work out in. So workout immediately after getting up. That way you can’t lose track of time and skip it. Plus, it will get your endorphins racing and you will feel fantastic about your sexy self. All the better to talk to that cute single guy at the wedding :).

2) Make sure you stick to healthy, clean eating the other six days of the week. And for the day of the wedding for that matter.

I am definitely not one of those people that things going to an event and enjoying yourself while imbibing in food in drink is going to completely derail you. You’re body will adjust the next week. But you have to let it adjust. That means you must stick to your healthy eating plan the week before the wedding, the day of the wedding, and the week after the wedding. You’ll feel so proud of yourself when you look back and realize you didn’t let a cheat evening turn into a cheat day or a cheat week.

3) Speaking of imbibing….

I’m all about it. I like to drink. It’s relaxing and fun. The problem with it? It’s a lot of empty calories and it can cause a killer hangover the next day. Make sure you stay dehydrated before the wedding. Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two. That is the approximate amount of ounces of water you should drink throughout the day. Try to drink it all before the wedding to make sure you’re hydrated. Also, have a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage. Lastly, drink something you don’t like that much. It will cause you to sip rather than down your drink and so you will drink less.

4) Eat a snack before the wedding

Eat a lite healthy, balanced snack as soon as leaving for the wedding as you can. Make sure it is balanced with veggies, carbs, and proteins. This will cause you make better choices during cocktail hour. You will also have food in your belly and so you won’t get tipsy from the booze as quickly. This goes along with the better choices.  But still make the bad choice of hitting of the cute guy you’ve never met before.

5) Choose healthy options first

Walk around and see what food is available. Make a plate of healthy options first. Choose salad, veggies and hummus, grilled vegetables, fruit, ect. After that, take a little bit of those other options which aren’t quite as healthy. You will eat less now that you’ve filled up on the good stuff.  On that note, you can have that roll. I’m never going to say no to bread because it’s so delicious. Just limit it to one. It’s hard, I know, but it can be done!

6) Eat a little cake

There’s no way you’ll tell me not to have cake when it’s available. Therefore, I wouldn’t put you through that either! But take a little piece. Eat it. Savor it. If it’s not the great, stop eating. Totally not worth it! If it’s as good as you were hoping, well eat that cake up lady. If you followed all the above tips, you totally deserve it!

7) The day after

Ok, so it’s the next day. You ended up drinking too much with the cute guy you didn’t know. Now what? Well, don’t let Sunday turn into a greasy and fatty food day. I know you want to! I love a McDonalds Quarter Pounder and fries a night after drinking. But I have changed, and so can you. Detox. Eat veggies, fruits, and whole grains.  For protein try yogurt and low fat cottage cheese. Stay away from meats, oils, and sweets. Fruits and veggies just not looking appetizing? Well try the hangover cure that works for me – Shakeology. This stuff is freaking awesome. It has all types of superfoods in it like kale, spinach, and goji berry, and all vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and proteins your body needs. Because this super shake will give your body a daily dose of dense nutrition (replenishing the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, water, etc. it lost the night before) you will feel so much better.


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