Why You CAN Work Out at Home

I will admit that I am in some of the best shape of my life. I attribute it to three things.

1. My accountability partner, my husband.
2. The nutrient dense shake Shakeology
3. Beachbody at home fitness programs

People will ask me how I have gotten in such good shape and then scoff at me when I tell them I do at home workouts. I’ve heard it all.

I can’t workout at home, I get too distracted
I work harder at the gym because I pick up the energy from the people around me
The gym has all the equipment I need

I don’t doubt all of that is true for certain people. So I asked my husband the other night when we were discussing possibly cancelling our gym membership, “why do you think we’re in better shape now than when we were going to the gym regularly?” We ran 5K’s on the treadmill and lifted weights for another 15-20 minutes and finished with an ab workout. What can beat that?

home workout

My husband told me that he had to think about it. 24 hours later I still hadn’t gotten an answer and I figured “I need to think about it” was his way of not dealing with my question. But he did answer my question! It was a good one too! This is what he had to say.

1. Flexibility

The flexibility of working out at home with Beachbody programs like P90X and Insanity is worth its weight in gold. The gym is not very close to our house so we have to plan going to the gym in the day. Therefore, if something comes up (running late for work, meeting called at work that you weren’t expecting, your chiropractor all of a sudden has a last minute opening), it can be difficult to work in going to the gym. You know what’s not difficult? Coming home and pressing play on the DVD player (or better yet, using Beachbody on Demand). When I know Matt hasn’t worked out, I will tell him to work out while I’m cooking dinner. He does the same for me. No excuses anymore! I also like being able to roll out of bed in my PJs and walk 20 steps to my living room to work out.

2. Consistency

Half-assing the workout is so much harder than it is in the gym. I know! You don’t believe me! It’s true. Let me explain. At the gym, if you’re not feeling it, it is so easy to just walk on the treadmill, or pick the elliptical because it’s a little easier. If you’re lifting weights and the machine you want to use next is taken, it’s so easy to just sit there, rather than take the time to come up with a new set of exercises. Or just go home. However, with the BB programs, there is no excuse to not keep going. No one is using the equipment you need. In fact, most of the time you just need your sexy self! Each program also has a count down timer on it. When there’s only 15 minutes left, I can’t let myself quit at that time. Only 15 minutes? However, at the gym I don’t have a definitive start or end time, so it’s very easy to just leave when you’re starting to get tired.

3. Access to Fitness Experts

These fitness programs are top notch. Insanity and P90X haven’t become household names because they don’t work. Those transformations are real. Beachbody has some of the top experts in the field helping to design these programs. They make sure every muscle gets worked and gets worked HARD. Most exercises are working two or more muscle groups at once to make it efficient. You are never just lifting weights for an ego boost.  I would much rather follow a program designed by experts in the field than come up with something myself that isn’t nearly as good.

So there you go – those are my reasons that I like working out at home. What do you think? Are you a gym rat or do you like working out in the convenience of your home? Why?


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