Hey there all my Type A’s!  Welcome to my site. I’m an engineer by day who was once stressed out completely and worked way too much. I found a way to make my Type A tendencies work for me. Scheduling, cooking, and organizing (all of our Type A talents) combined to give me…a quality of life! I eat healthy, exercise daily, and am loving it! My family likes me better and I am more productive at work.

Now I am taking my system and helping other people to change their habits for the better. It can often be hard for Type A’s to focus on themselves instead of work and everyone else. But when you’re healthy, you’re happy. When you’re happy – you’re productive at work and a wonderful spouse and parents. Join me and I can help you change your habits for the better. What you get when you join me:

  • Motivational Challenge Groups which make you accountable
  • Access to me via text and email daily
  • A caring individual who will question you when I don’t hear from you
  • Customized meal plans
  • Customized fitness plans

If you’re ready to join me – just fill out this short four question survey and I will send you information on a health and nutrition plan that is right for you.


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